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Aleksandra Pershay
Skills: stage and costume design

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I was born in Belarus in 1992 in a Belarusian-Ukrainian family and then in 1999 was relocated with my mother to Russia, Saint Petersburg city where I studied, worked and
lived for 23 years. In 2016, I graduated from the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, scenography department and started my artistic activity as an independent scenographer and costume designer.

After a full-scale invasion of Russia towards Ukraine, my life was totally changed, and I was not able to live and work in Russia anymore due to my antiwar position. In 2022, I moved to Poland and then to the Netherlands, where I continue my professional activity as a self-employed set and costume designer in film and theater productions. So far I have been lucky to collaborate with Dutch film companies such as Moondocs and Volya Films and Dutch theater companies Het Filiaal and De Stilte.

I love working with different creative professional teams and always enjoy exploring something new: from documentaries about the 17th century till abstract dance
performances. As a designer, I love to work with materials that transmit the meaning and content of the entire film or performance. It could be anything, the range of my imagination is limited by gravity and budget. And I always pay attention to harmonious visual style.

Today, in the era of totally digitalization and expanding AI, I believe more and more in live and analogue art. It is a treasure to see the human touch in works of art. Today, live art is becoming a new luxury.

Aleksandra Pershay by Maria Bodrug




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