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Arya Jalili
Skills: Videography, Video Editing, Drone operating
+31 687789003

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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my profile page.
I’m Arya Jalili, your friendly camera guy in town. It’s about 4 years that I’m living in the Netherlands (loving it so far) and since 3 years ago I’ve been following my passion for cooking crazy videos and of course the Film Industry. Since 2021 after my 1 year long internship at Camera rentals (Current Camunit) I’ve entered the Dutch film industry as a second camera assistant and Data handler. Had the privilege to work on so many amazing and inspiring projects and meanwhile I started my company to work as a freelance Videographer and drone operator.
It’s been a great journey so far and I’m more excited than ever to help you guys out to make your vision come true. 
I’m always available throughout the week on my phone number: 0687789003.
And this is my Instagram account which is basically my showcase:
aryajalilii. Not everything is on there yet so keep coming back every once in a while ;)
Love you all 
Arya Jalili





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