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Elena Rechych
Skills: acting

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My name is Elena Rechych, and I am a theatre and film actress. I am very happy to have such a wide range of work as an actress, with about 70 projects under my belt. My experience includes theatrical performances, TV series, feature films, short films, commercials, and more. I thrive on using my creative energy as an actress and find it hard to say no to opportunities that resonate with my heart.

I love the art of improvisation, as it is life itself. I studied acting improvisation at the theatre-studio “Black Square” (Kyiv) and later became an actress at this theatre. Additionally, I was invited many times to play leading roles in the Entreprise for performances and theatre tours.

I took Bernard Hiller's acting course in Rome, studied at O. Tokarchuk's "School of Imagery" (Kyiv), and participated in Ivana Chubbuck's workshops (Kyiv). Besides my acting education, I also have a pedagogical background.

I came to the Netherlands in 2022 and completed two courses at Boom Chicago Academy of Improvisation Theatre in Amsterdam. In May 2022, I participated in a creative project with LYCKA Artists and prepared and performed my solo piece “My Home” as part of this collaboration.

In 2023, I created Theater Studio ACTinFLOW for Ukrainians who would like to try acting. This marked a new stage for me, as I began teaching acting and improvisation. I am very proud of myself and my students; we have already had a few performances here in Amsterdam. For a year, the studio operated as a volunteer project. Now, I am thinking about its development and have created an intensive course aimed at introducing actors' tools that can be used in everyday life. Additionally, I plan to offer my course in English.

Why do I need this? 

I want to share what I know and what I can do. I love people and making the world a better place. I strive to do something good every day. I want to continuously improve myself as an actress, so I create spaces for acting. I want to realise myself not only as a teacher but also as an actress, so I am considering creating a team for creative collaboration and performances.

Elena Rechych by Maria Bodrug





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