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Elham Ghoreishi
Skills: writing, painting, acting

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Born in Tehran in 1980, Elham Ghoreishi's childhood and youth were deeply influenced by her multifaceted passions: writing, painting, acting, and equestrian pursuits. Each discipline offered her a unique canvas to express herself, molding her into a versatile artist with a vast range of skills.

In the challenging socio-political landscape of Iran, she not only honed her abilities as a captivating writer and painter but also emerged as a talented actress, shining in both local theater productions and film roles. Additionally, her love for equestrianism wasn't limited to riding alone; she became a respected trainer and equestrian judge, showcasing her diverse talents.

In 2018, yearning for a space where artistic freedom wasn't stifled, Elham made the courageous decision to move to the Netherlands. This transition opened up new avenues for her, especially with the advent of digital platforms. She began publishing Persian audiobooks and English books on Amazon, bridging cultural gaps and touching readers from various backgrounds. Concurrently, her acting career in Europe provided her with fresh opportunities to showcase her talents on an international stage.

A defining moment in Elham's artistic journey came in 2023 when her screenplay received a prestigious award in Holland. This honor not only validated her tireless dedication to her craft but also served as a testament to the universal power of artistic expression. Elham's story remains a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the resilience of artists who overcome adversity and make impactful marks on global audiences.

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