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Eugene Kuzmenko
Skills: camera operating, lightening, editing & recording

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Eugene is an accomplished professional video operator whose work revolves around capturing beauty, emotions, and moments. Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, Eugene embarked on an extraordinary journey in the realm of television production.

In 2008, Eugene joined a local television network in Odessa, where he honed his skills across various departments. Working in a studio and on locations, Eugene gained hands-on experience producing news segments, television programs, and live broadcasts. His six-year tenure in television provided a solid foundation and an understanding of the intricacies of the industry.

Transitioning to freelance work, Eugene expanded his horizons. He captured the energy of live concerts, documented diverse events, and collaborated with different video production teams. As part of various video productions, Eugene created music videos, commercial content, brand advertisements, documentary footage, and social media content.

In 2020, Eugene took a more deliberate approach to his work, focusing on personal creative projects. He explored conceptual video shoots, experimenting with direction and cinematography. Eugene also delved into lighting techniques, referencing storyboards, and meticulously preparing for each shoot.

Since 2022, Eugene has been based in the Netherlands, where he continues to create captivating content. Whether capturing entertaining events, business conferences, or concert performances, Eugene brings a unique perspective to every project.

Beyond video production, Eugene is also passionate about photography, enjoys listening to live music, and finds inspiration through travel.

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