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Issam Almiski
Skills: acting , writing, dancing 

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From the stage, Issam Almiski  began his artistic journey as an actor, eventually evolving into writing and combining both to express his unique style and address artistic and human issues. He has participated in numerous theatrical and television works as an actor in his homeland. As a writer, he had his first experience in  2013 with the series “The Frog” and used his voice as a dubbing actor in many international films, like“Harry Potter.”

In 2015, when he arrived in the Netherlands, Issam presented many theatrical works and studied acting for the camera at the Amsterdam Film School. In Rotterdam,2020 he won the Audience Award for his play “Sorry Hamlet.” Issam describes himself as a dreamer who wakes up every morning searching for new ways to connect people with art through a story, film, or theater production that inspires others, brings a happy day, or an invaluable smile. These are his most precious things.






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