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Julie Nakzi
Skills: photography, filmmaking, graphic design & illustrations

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Julie Nakzi, (Damascus, Syria, 1993) is a photographer, filmmaker. Based in Utrecht. She graduated from fine arts specialized in graphic design from Damascus University and then obtained her masters in film science from ELTE, Budapest. Julie’s artistic journey is driven by a profound passion for visual storytelling. Inspired by personal experiences, her work is a captivating blend of aesthetics and storytelling, described as dreamy, nostalgic, and emotionally poignant. Whether through photography or films, she aims to unveil the personal and intimate facets of human nature. Her photography work has been exhibited in Martini Plaza, (Groningen), Nieuwspoort (Den Haag) and NTR (Hilversum) and Santorini Biennale (Greece).

Short films by Julie:
Paul: an intimate piece of work about Paul's life hardships combined with visual poetry of his yoga practice

Silence: Based on conversations between young and old about the war - in many different forms - Silence, 4th of May not only reflects on the past, but also on the complex times in which we now live.

Artech: A short trip through art history movements that depicts the dark side of social media. Artech is the winner of special mention “laboratory of dreams”, category or animation Kalat Nissa film festival. Sicily, Italy.

Julie has worked on different film productions and projects either as an assistant director and editor such as: Ma bedda Shareh music video, Release me music video, Nest (48 hour film project), Clash (NTR).






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