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Filmon Kiros
Skills:writing, directing & camera assisting

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Filmon Kiros was born in Asmara, Eritrea, in 1989. He's a
filmmaker who works in different ways. One of his famous movies is "Kinyoti Hastur," a romantic drama from 2013. It was his first movie as a writer and director. It's popular on YouTube and has over 1 million views. He's also made more than 60 music videos, showing his skill at telling stories visually.

In 2020, he began making short films. One of them, "Mricha," has around half a million views on YouTube. It shows his talent for telling interesting stories in a short time. His work has won awards like Best Film and Best Script at the Los Angeles Film Festival and Best Drama Film and Best Script at the Couch Film Festival.

Filmon has kept doing well with short films, working with groups like the Buddy Film Foundation and Refocus Media. His short film "Revenge" came out in 2022. It's about crime and adds to his reputation as a good storyteller. He's won awards for it at big events like the Reale Film Festival and Close Film Festival for his great scriptwriting.

Besides directing, Filmon Kiros has worked on different drama series. In "Sihame," he was behind the scenes as a 2nd Assistant Camera for eight episodes. He also helped as an Assistant Director for the documentary series "The Twins," working with filmmaker Bregtje van der Haak.

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