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Leili Khodae
Skills: Directing, Writing 

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Leili Khodaei, born in Tabriz, Iran in 1985, began writing at 13 years old. She enjoyed poetry and was a member of the Azerbaijan Poets Foundation. She also studied physics and mathematics in school. Leili became CEO of the Fars Literature Association and represented her province at a literature conference in Tehran when she was 21 years old.

Dedicated to Persian literature, Leili returned to Tabriz after eight years, delving into further studies in literature at the university while authoring a book in her native tongue. Her poetic endeavors garnered international recognition upon publication by the Czech Pen Club. Since the age of 24, Leili has fervently advocated for the preservation of the mother language and the advancement of human rights for the Azerbaijani people in Iran. Additionally, she contributed significantly to raising awareness about women's rights and the myriad challenges faced by writers in Iran through interviews conducted with VOA.

At the age of 29, Leili migrated to the Netherlands. There, she immersed herself in the Dutch language and pursued her passion for filmmaking, undertaking studies in film direction at the Dutch Academy for Visual Creation. With her newfound skills, Leili directed a short film for her studies and a documentary for VPRO, amplifying the voices of her narratives to reach a broader audience. Additionally, Leili gained valuable experience by working as an assistant to other directors, further expanding her knowledge of the filmmaking process.

In 2022, Leili expanded her skill set by earning a diploma in Management of Transport and Logistics. Currently, she is pursuing further education in Human Resource Management at the bachelor's level. Simultaneously, Leili remains dedicated to her work in film and documentary making and management. Balancing her academic pursuits with her creative endeavors, she leverages her diverse experiences to create impactful works that resonate deeply with audiences in both fields.




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