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Nour Mardini
Skills: acting, directing, and music

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Nour Mardini, born on February 23, 1978, from Syria, lives in the Netherlands. A multi-talented individual whose diverse skills have made a significant impact on the world of arts and culture. With a background in acting, directing, and music, Nour is a true creative force. Nour's academic journey led him to pursue a law degree at the University of Damascus, which he successfully obtained in 2008.
However, his passion for the arts eventually drew him in a different direction. He became a member of the Syrian Artists Syndicate in 1998, marking the beginning of his artistic career.
Over the years, Nour Mardini has honed his craft through numerous courses in drama and music. In addition to his native Arabic, Nour is good at English, allowing him to connect with a global audience. where he earned an integration diploma. This undertaking also gave him the opportunity to learn Dutch, a language he can now speak fairly well.

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