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Reza Golestani
Skills: writing, directing, acting, editing

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Reza Golestani is a Persian-Ukrainian awarded & nominated filmmaker and photographer. Endowed with a brilliant sense of imagery and insight. He delves deep in the subjects he shoots and creates some of the most riveting music videos and thought-provoking films. After graduating from the College of Cinema in Tehran for 2 years, he enters the P.I.Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv to become a film composer & connect his visual vision with the music. In 2009 he graduated from the National Music Academy of Ukraine as a Master of Fine Arts and soon he established himself as a successful photographer in Fashion & Portrait.
In a few years he sets out to pursue his career in the film industry became a director passing his way step by step from a photographer & cinematographer to a director and keeps it loyal up to now.His works have been exhibited at various prestigious exhibitions in Ukraine and published in the magazines of New York, USA, London, UK, Ukraine, etc.


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