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Saeed Alhammad
Skills: Director of Photography, Photography & Music

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Saeed Al Hammad is a multifaceted artist hailing from Syria, proficient in graphic design, videography, and photography. His creative journey began at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts in Aleppo, where he graduated in 2014 with a specialisation in visual communication. In addition to his expertise in digital design, Saeed is a dedicated practitioner of Arabic Calligraphy, infusing his
work with a unique cultural flair.

His career has taken him across borders, including stints in Yemen and Turkey, where he honed his skills as both a graphic designer and a freelance photographer. Notably, in early 2015, Saeed achieved the prestigious first place in the graphic design category on, showcasing his talent and innovation to a global audience.

In pursuit of new opportunities, Saeed relocated to The Netherlands in 2015. Initially venturing into the realm of education as a music teacher at De Vrolijkheid, he soon transitioned to roles at Refugee Company, where he continues to make a meaningful impact as a graphic designer and freelance photographer for diverse projects and events. Concurrently, he fully immerses himself as a Director of Photography, capturing compelling narratives and TV-Commercials through his lens.

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