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Tarek Al Muazen
Skills: Editing, Sound Design, Music Production, Live Music

Tarek Al Muazen (Damascus, Syria, 1985) is a movie editor, sound designer, music performer and produces music for cinema, theater and media. He has 9 years of work experience in the Syrian film industry and has been working alongside many Syrian directors like the legendary Hatem Ali. He worked on the editing of several series such as Alarrab Nadi Alshark, Lau, Set kaz, Znoud Als'et, Spot Light 7, Ahel Alraie 2, Seeret Elhob.

Now based in Amsterdam, he has been involved in various projects editing short films such as 'Right There', 2015, 'Batikha'(Watermelon), 2016 and 'Glitch', 2018, which won prizes at the 48 hour Film Festival. In 2022, he worked alongside director and writer Dewi Reijs in her play 'Trojaanse Wijven' composing the music and sound.

Tarek is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, playing traditional Syrian instruments such as the Oud and Nay. In 2023, he graduated from a 6 month program 'Arab World Singer Master'. Combining his skills of sound design, electronic music production and live music, he creates captivating musical journeys.

Just recently, he has expanded by joining an Acting Training with the master Syrian Actor Jamal Suleiman, a skill he wishes to grow experience in.

Tarek focuses on creating work that is impactful and carries valuable messages from heart to





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